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Sunrise Construction provides a variety of services in the Fargo-Moorhead Area. We specialize in interior steel framing, sheetrock, taping, texture, interior and exterior painting, wallcovering, and staining. We provide these services for new construction, renovations, and fit-ups, working with general contractors or directly with clients. We also assist with wall and water damage repairs. 

Interior Steel Framing

From start to finish, walls are our specialty. We provide interior steel framing, with expert attention to detail. Our team ensures every wall is set according to plan, stable, solid, and built to last. Walls, ceilings, soffits, furring… whatever framing you need, we can build.


In our northern climate, heat retention is important. Fill your walls with high quality insulation to stay warm and save on fuel expenses this winter. R11 and R19 fiberglass insulation products are our most popular choices for extra protection from the cold.


Need to install sheetrock on your new walls? Our team is there to get the job done. Fast, efficient, quality work, every time. If your project calls for some extra strength, in addition to installing sheetrock, we also install cement board, quiet rock, plywood, and other wall options.


Looking for a smooth, crisp finish on your freshly installed drywall? Hire us for the clean finish you’re looking for - Level 4 & Level 5 is our specialty. Above ceiling height, we’ll make sure your walls reach code, installing fire tape and fire caulking as needed to create a complete barrier between rooms.


Want to add some aesthetic to your space, or cover up some minor flaws in older walls? Consider applying texture to your walls - orange peel, knockdown, and other options available. Fine, medium, or heavy application. Our team will work with you to get the finish you’re looking for.


Our professionals are ready to take care of all your painting needs. We work with Sherwin and Hirshfield’s painting representatives to ensure your painting products are the best fit for your project. We always prioritize choosing the most efficient method of application, whether that be spraying, dryfall, or traditional cutting and rolling. Whether its walls, ceilings, doors, frames, stairs, cabinets, trim work… we’ve got all your painting needs covered.


Interested in creating feature walls to capture the attention and admiration of your customers, business colleagues, associates? Install wallcovering. There are endless options when it comes to colors, patterns, and textures. Our experts will professionally install your wallcovering of choice, ensuring every detail aligns as it should.


Choose stain to transform the color and enhance the presentation of natural grains in your wood features. Our team will prepare your wood with diligence, sanding to ensure a smooth stainable surface. We will stain and seal your wood to create the aesthetic desired for your space.

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